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Barnaby Rabbit Saves The Day by Peter Allchin   Mr.Berry and his Makeshift Bus by Rosa Johnson
Barnaby Rabbit and the Big Bad Badger by Peter Allchin   Mr. Berry and the Burglar by Rosa Johnson
Barnaby Rabbit and the Pesky Fox by Peter Allchin   Saffi and Secrets by Su Laws Baccino
A Perfect Pet for Harry by M. Vincent-Northam   The Quarrie Keys by Su Laws Baccino
Little Piggy Peter by Ann Johnson   Christopher Crocodile by Ann Johnson
Barnaby Rabbit meets Father Christmas by Peter Allchin   Horace's Race Against Time by Freda Lowe
Monty Mouse's Adventure by George Berry   Barnaby Rabbit and the Digging Machine by Peter Allchin
Kookie and Willie by Alfred Rogers   Tilley Tiger Loses a Friend by Ann Johnson
Can Tilley Tiger Change? by Ann Johnson   My Mum, the Elephant, and Me by Graham Parrish
Barnaby Rabbit plays Hide and Seek by Peter Allchin   Snuffy and Alice by Maddie Bourke
Shane and the Crock of Gold by Claire Atherton   Shane and the Crock of Gold 2 by Claire Atherton
The Epic Forest by Claire Atherton   A Giant Toothache by Claire Atherton
Leila's Surprise Gift by Claire Atherton   Santa Clause: the Beginning by Claire Atherton
Wriggle - The Earthworm by Jean Hill   Milly's Very Special Present by Jean Hill

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