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The Grand Stewpot Race by Peter Allchin ©2006


A carrot, parsnip and a swede
Were lined up for a race
The swede kept making false starts so,
Retires with much disgrace.


The vegetables line up for the race  

But now they’re off, the carrot leads
He’s the fastest we have seen
But who’s that joining in the race?
It is the runner bean.

All of them are neck and neck
The winning post’s in view.
But who will win and be the first
To jump into the stew?



The runner bean joins in the race
The runner bean makes one last dash
The parsnip’s going strong
But the carrot now is past his best
The race has been too long.
The carrot is past his best and the runner bean wins the race
And so the runner bean stands proud
The prize he now has got
He joins hands with his two best friends
And jumps into the pot!
The vegetables have all jumped into the stewpot

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