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Welcome to The Children's Gallery at My Kids Corner

This is where you can put your own short stories and rhymes.

Use the 'Contact Us' to send your stories / rhymes and let other children see what you can do. Please write or 'paste' your work directly into the text area then click on 'Submit'.

Adults, please let your child write in his / her own way. Please do not correct grammar, spelling or punctuation, after all, this is a site for kids. If a word is spelt so that others may find it difficult to understand, we will correct it in such a way that it is still the child's work.

Please encourage the very young to use their imagination and write the words down for them. 'Once upon a time' is a very good place to start. Above all, do not assume that what the child has written isn't good enough, if we like it, we will put it on the site. An example, written by our six years old granddaughter, is here for all to see, and we are proud of her.

It is shame that, owing to the vast amounts of spam we receive, we have been forced to remove the contact details.

The Stories

  A Rainy Day by Charlotte aged 6, from Dartford. UK   3 Hedgehogs by Emma Rose, aged 13, but written a few years ago. UK  
  Mike and the Friendly Monster by Charlotte, almost 7, from Dartford. UK   Browsa the Wizard by Blaze, aged 6, from Stafford. UK  
  Im in Space! by Amy, aged 8   Glitter the Fairy by Charlotte, aged 7, from Dartford  
  Weird Zoo by Kaisey, of Moorpark Primary School   The Haunted House by Becky, of Moorpark Primary School  

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