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Christopher Crocodile and his bad tooth
A story for children aged 3 - 7
Ann Johnson

Christopher Crocodile at the dentist with his mummy

Christopher Crocodile was a mean old bully. He thought that all the children at school were afraid of him. What he didn’t know, was that the other children wouldn’t play with him because his breath was really smelly.

Now, on this particular day, Christopher Crocodile saw Piggy Peter walk through the school gates. Piggy Peter actually was scared of Christopher Crocodile. All Piggy Peter noticed was a mouth full of sharp teeth, not the foul smell of Christopher Crocodiles breath.

As soon as Piggy Peter got through the school gates, Christopher Crocodile walked over to him.

“Where’s you sweets then?” he asked in a menacing tone.

Piggy Peters knees began to knock as he replied, “I haven’t got any sweets…honest.” He cried.

“What do you mean, you ain’t got no sweets?”

Christopher Crocodile saw the head teacher, Mrs Panther walking over to them, so he mumbled under his breath, “I’ll get you later.” And he walked off to the other side of the playground.

He loved it when all the children scattered in different directions as he walked up to them.

Christopher Crocodile put his hand into his pocket and pulled out some chewy sweets. As he put the third one onto his mouth, a pain shot through his tooth. He winced, but carried on eating his sweets. He just rubbed his mouth and thought it would get better on its own. His mummy had told him that he would have to visit the dentist if he had any more pain. Christopher Crocodile didn’t like the dentist, so he made sure he didn’t tell his mummy that his tooth was still hurting.

The previous day, his tooth had stopped hurting, but now, it was really beginning to ache. It was so bad that he actually started crying.

Hillary Hippo, saw him crying and told the head teacher, Mrs Panther.

In her posh voice Mrs Panther asked, “Oh dear, Christopher Crocodile. What ever is the problem?”

Christopher Crocodile was in too much pain to lie about it, so he told her about the pain in his tooth.

Before long, his mummy arrived at school. “Oh Christopher, why didn’t you tell me your tooth was hurting so much?”

“Mummy, I don’t want to go to the dentist. I’m really scared.”

His mummy looked at him and said quietly, “But Christopher, if you had always brushed you teeth you wouldn’t have any pain with them. Now you don’t have a choice, you will have to go to the dentist.”

Christopher Crocodile cried all the way to his mummy’s car and didn’t stop crying as they walked into the dentists’ room.

Christopher Crocodiles mummy smiled at the dentist and said, “Can you have a look at his bad tooth. I think it might need a filling.”

The dentist said, “Of course. Now Christopher, just sit back and relax.”

Christopher Crocodile was so nervous, he wouldn’t let go of his mummy’s hand. He lay back on the big chair as the dentist shone a bright light onto his mouth.

As the dentist looked into Christopher Crocodiles mouth, he said, “Oh yes, you do need a filling. I’ll do it right now.”

Christopher Crocodile started to cry again, and held onto his mummy’s hand. Two minutes later the dentist had finished and started to move the chair back to its upright position.

“There! All done.” The dentist said.

Christopher Crocodile looked at his mummy and said, “But that didn’t hurt!”

His mummy looked at him and smiled. “I know, that’s what I was trying to tell you.”

The dentist turned to Christopher and said, “Now, in future, make sure you brush your teeth every day and night, and you won’t have to have another filling.”
The dentist then passed a sticker to him for being brave.

And you know what?

From that day on Christopher Crocodile always brushed his teeth and was never afraid of visiting the dentist again.


Ann Johnson. © 2006-10-07

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