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Mr. Berry and the Burglar
A story for children aged 3 - 7
Rosa Johnson

Mr Berry and the burglar

Mr Berry woke up early.  His nose was peeping out over the bed clothes. It was cold. 'I smell snow,' he said.  

He got out of bed and looked out of the window. Sure enough the whole world was white.  There had been snow in the night and  the farm yard was quiet, the animals were all still in bed, including Charlie the rooster.

Mr Berry dressed quickly and went down to his warm kitchen. His little white dog  Rough got out of her basket, stretched and wagged her little stumpy tail. 'Good morning Rough,' said Mr Berry.  'It's a cold morning.

'Ruff, ruff,' said Rough. 

Mr Berry put on all his warmest clothes. Thick woollen socks,  warm trousers, jumpers and anoraks, a long stripy muffler and his favourite farmer's hat with flaps to keep his ears warm.  'Are you ready Rough?'

'Ruff, ruff,' said Rough and they went out of the back door. 'Ruff, ruff,' she said as she ran about in the smooth white snow.  'Ruff, ruff,' she said as she fell into a snow drift.

'Brrrr,' said Mr Berry as he walked out into the snow.  'I wish I was still tucked up in bed, but where is Rough?  Rough,' he called 'Rough, where are you?'

'Ruff,  ruff,' said Rough  'Here I am.'  Rough was covered in snow but she was still wagging her tail.  She ran on bounding through the snow towards the pig sty where Grace and her piglets had just woken up. 

Mr Berry broke the ice in her water bowl.  'Good morning Grace,'  he said.  'How are you and your children  on this snowy morning?' 

Grace grunted good morning, 'We are all very well thank you,' she said and called her piglets to come for their breakfast.

'Good morning Roger,' said Mr Berry.  Roger blew hot breath through his nostrils,  and bellowed as Mr Berry broke the ice on his water bowl.

'GOOD MORNING,  where's my breakfast?'  said  Roger the bull.

Mr Berry went into the hen house and found ten sleepy hens huddled together on the perch.  'Good morning Chickie ladies,' said Mr Berry cheerfully.

'Good morning,' murmured the hens sleepily. 

Twelve black and white cows were tied in the cow byre.  'Good morning, my Darlings,' said Mr Berry.  They softly mooed their good  mornings to Mr Berry and Rough.

'Ruff, ruff,' said Rough.

Charlie the rooster had woken up at last. He crowed  'Good morning,' to Mr Berry and Rough from the top of the goose house.

'And good morning to  you Charlie,' said Mr Berry.  He saw the door of the goose house had been left slightly open.  Mr Berry and Rough went into the the goose house and found his geese all lined up against the back  wall. 'My goodness!' said Mr Berry.  'What has happened to my Goosey Girls?' 

Each one had been tied into a sack with  her head sticking out at the top.  Tears were rolling down their grey goosey cheeks. 

'Ruff, ruff,' said Rough.

'I think somebody is planning on coming back later to fetch all my lovely Goosey girls but they don't know we are early risers.  I think we'll give them a surprise, Rough.'

'Ruff, ruff,' said Rough

Mr Berry took his mobile telephone out of his pocket and called his friend PC Tom Jacobs.  'If you can get up here pronto Tom, you'll  be able to catch a thief red handed,'  he said.

'I'll come on my motor bike right away,' said Tom.

Tom, Mr. Berry, Rough and the Goosey Girls  all squeezed into the back of the goose house in the dark with just a chink of light from the door which they left just open as the thief had left it. 

'Do stop crying Goosey Girls,'  said Mr Berry.  'You are quite safe now.'

They hadn't long to wait before someone pulled the door wide open and stepped into the gloom of the goose house.  He was surprised when Tom and Mr Berry pounced on him and Rough pulled on his trouser legs growling.  The burglar was very strong and he got away from Tom and Mr Berry and ran out of the door with Rough still hanging onto his trousers.  When he got outside Charlie the rooster jumped down off the roof of the goose house onto his head and his long claws hooked onto his ears.

'Gotcha!' said Tom clamping the hand cuffs on him.

'Ruff, ruff,' said Rough.
'Er er-er, er-errrr,' said Charlie.
'Well done everybody!' said Mr Berry,  and  he untied all the sacks and freed the Goosey Girls one by one. Tom called a police van to collect the prisoner, then he helped Mr Berry feed all the animals round the yard.

'Ruff, ruff, I'm hungry too,' said Rough. 

'Then we'll  go back indoors for a big breakfast,' said Mr. Berry. 'Come along Tom, I think we all deserve a special treat.'

The End

© Rosa Johnson 2006

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