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The Enchanted Attic:

An interactive adventure story
by Peter Allchin ©2006


This is a story where you can enter your own name and that of a friend or brother or sister. The choice is yours. The names you choose will then be entered into the story and it will become your story.
Along the way, there may be blue coloured links. Click on one of the links and the story will be different than if you click another link on the same page. For example, There may be two doors. You choose which door you wish to go through. You can also restart the story and go through the other door. Each will be different.
To begin, enter two names in the boxes below, then click the 'Submit' button. If you do not want to enter any names, click the 'Submit' button and the names will be what I have chosen for the story.

First Name

Friends Name


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