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A Perfect Pet for Harry
Little Piggy Peter
Mr Berry and the Burglar
The Enchanted Attic



Welcome to My Kids Corner where we have Kids Stories, Kids Rhymes, Kids Puzzles, Kids Games and an interactive story section where you and maybe a friend or brother or sister, can be a part of the story.

Children can learn the Alphabet with colourful text and graphics.

Here, you can print off the stories and rhymes and read them to your young ones. Puzzles can be solved online, or printed out. The games have been selected from legitimate sites.

This is a Safe Kids Site and has been designed for children up to the age of about seven. Please read our Privacy Policy. This gives details of how we at My Kids Corner intend to keep your children's full identities safe from prying eyes through our commitment to maintain a safe Site For Kids.

Popular Rhymes
My Teddy Bear
A Great Big Spider
Humpty Dumpty
Stewpot Race

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